TSW Analytical scientists  are often involved in high profile criminal matters both domestically and internationally.  The team are highly trained forensic experts and renown for their ability to successfully assist with cases where others providers cannot. Our proprietary technology, TSW Trace TM, has been applied thousands of times in the forensic sphere and criminal justice system, but also to solve problems in the corporate world. It is accepted in Case Law and stands as the benchmark. TSW Analytical is the preferred supplier of forensic services to several law enforcement and investigation agencies.  

TSW Analytical maintains the following promises to every client:

  • You will receive the highest standard of professional service.

  • The consultant or team managing your request are responsive and available to you. 

  • The analyses will be conducted to the highest standards and results will be reliable, of quality and delivered quickly.

  • Our services are cost effective.

  • Urgent requests can be flexibly dealt with.

  • The TSW team excel at problem-solving and will assist you to achieve your desired goal however we can.

  • We aim higher than our competitors.